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Matthew Hutchins' Physics of UltraViolet Light
Portions of UV Lighting
Sample Problems

What is UltraViolet Light?

Breaking down the roots of the word it is simple to understand what it is..

Ultra- Beyond

Violet- Corresponding to the color violet in the visible portion of the spectrum

UltraViolet light can not be seen by the human eye because the wavelength is to small. UV lighting also has much energy and because of it, it can cause many problems to the human body. Depending on which field you are in, UV lighting is broken up different ways. In biology UV lighting is separated into the A, B, and C range (UVA having the least amount of energy while C having the most). While in other fields it is broken up into near UV and extreme/vacuum UV. Extreme being the furthest away from the visible portion of the spectrum and near UV being the closet.

UltraViolet is also known as dark light as it is invisible to the human eye. Some animals, although, can see into this portion of the spectrum. Bees for example can see the UV lighting reflected by a flower and it makes them easier to see in a large field.

In our modern superficial world looks are everything. Our perfect look involves having a tan. When people "lay out" the UVA and UVB rays are passing through are skin tissue. As a defense mechanism (mostly to the UVB rays) our body's melanin oxidizes, or darkens. More on this later.


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