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Matthew Hutchins' Physics of UltraViolet Light
Portions of UV Lighting
Portions of UV Lighting
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Portions of UV Lighting


As you can see the UV portion of the spectrum has a much more narrower wavelength than that of the visible and Infrared portion. Because of this it caries much more energy than both and can be hazardous.


You can see here how the UV portion of the spectrum is broken up. I have explained where the UV A, B, and C fall as well as Far and near UV are placed. But analyzing this picture you can see other things such as Ozone producing and Germicidal. What the hell is that? Well these both exist under UVC conditions. On the Earth surface it is nearly impossible to get UVC rays. When UVC first enters the atmosphere it is either reflected away or enters and interacts with the oxygen gas molecules in the atmosphere. When all this high energy mixes with oxygen is breaks it apart and excited is enough to for ozone (O sub 3) Once Ozone is created it helps to filter out more UV lighting.

Besides helping in the production of ozone, UVC light can kill bacteria very easily. Sharper Image currently has a product out that pulls in air and passes it through a UVC light to kill any microorganisms in the air. Because of the amount of energy in UVC it makes a simple task of destroying organisms.

Interesting facts...

Ozone is highly poisonous.

It can easily be crated with powerful electric devices such as hydraulic pumps and elevator engines, as well as televisions.

People working around these equipment can smell it as it has a potent smell.

At STP ozone is a blueish gas, at -112 degrees Celsius it is a dark blue liquid and at -193 degrees celsius it is a dark blue solid.

Ozone is commonly used for is oxidizing nature and is highly unstable.

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